The Kildwick MiniRingers

A new Foundry

The Kildwick Foundry is in business, though not taking any orders.  Read about it here

The Foundry Gang

A new ring of ten.  We've got a lot of bells!  Read about it here...

Triumph at the Festival!

MiniRingers at the Festival

Two bands took part in the Festival.  First on were the Change Ringers on Monday evening.  They rang "Plain Hunt" on seven bells - and thoroughly amazed the audience!  They rang really well and, immediately, the Committee decided that they would invite the boys back to the Final Concert on Saturday (that's quite an honour).  Second, came the tune ringers.  Just six of the band, but with two "roadies".  Theirs was a competitive class and the adjudicator was as impressed as the audience.  He awarded them a "Commended" certificate - and a huge cup!

Well done to all eight!


The boys are plain hunting well, so we moved on to Plain Bob.  Slightly strangely, this proved far more difficult than I had anticipated.  We are abandoning this (the traditional "next move" from plain hunting) and we are finding Treble Bob hunting to be a good deal simpler.  There is a pattern that all of the bells follow all of the time, so it is easier not to get lost.  The idea now will be to introduce a small variation (one bell stays in position 1 and 2 - each other bell does a plain lead).  That extends things with no repetition (a horror to bell ringers!) and will produce a different "performance piece".


A new excitement this term was the visit to Oxenhope.  They are starting a similar MiniRingers club to ours and we felt that it would be good to get together.  Originally planned as a "day" during half term, we found that more members (well, all of them, actually) could manage an afternoon/evening during term time more easily.  That happened on 16th February and a great time was had by all.  They all had a first "hands-on" session on the big church bells - and got on really well, too.  This has encouraged me to get a traditional tail end on a couple of our bells at Kildwick - and give it a go here, too.

The Big Bells

We are just beginning to form a new band of ringers for the St Andrew's church bells.  This will never be a main focus of the MiniRingers, but it will provide an excellent "follow on" for those who have outgrown what we are doing in the Club.  We don't know what evening our main practice will be but there are likely to be bell handling sessions on a Thursday, after the MiniRingers have finished.

Many, many thanks to several people:

To Jane Lynch.  She's been a rock!  She has provided us with the handchimes and her support has been invaluable.

To Jill Wright.  She's not a ringer but her biscuits are amazing!  (We'll put the recipe up here shortly!)  Her classroom skills have improved our sessions immensely

To the families. Thanks for lending us your boys.  They've been great!

To the MiniRingers themselves, of course.  Not one of them has missed a session (apart from two who were running for the school one day).  They have been keen and enthusiastic - couldn't ask for more!

This new site is for the Kildwick MiniRingers, which is mainly for pupils of Kildwick C of E Primary School.

The object of the club is to introduce youngsters to the ancient and very special art of church bellringing.

One of the very special features of church bell ringing is that it welcomes people of a great range of ages on an exactly equal basis.  From 9 to 90, people are ringing bells together and it is often some of the younger ones who lead the way!
The Club is created for young people - but parents, carers, staff and others will also be made welcome to learn this fascinating and absorbing activity.

You don't need to be strong, or musical, or athletic!  If you can ride a bike, you'll definitely manage!