The Kildwick MiniRingers

At the Skipton Music Festival

Two performances at the Skipton Music Festival went down well.  The judges have asked us back for the Final Concert - quite a big compliment!  See more in the News Section!

MiniRingers at the Carol Service

The MiniRingers rang two tunes at the Kildwick Candles by Candlelight.  Sadly, they couldn't see the music, just with candles, but they rang Jingle Bells and Good King Wenceslas brilliantly.  Visit the News area to listen!

MiniRingers at the Carol Service

At practice

The new Handchime Team

I promised a picture of the new team...  Here it is!  With some extra chimes available, we are now ringing with all eight of the band.  They made a really good start on two new tunes...  Can you spot the green jersey of one of our Old Lags?!

Arrival of the new chimes...  We now have our own set of chimes - the latest output of the Kildwick Foundry!  They don't, yet, sound quite as good as the commercially-produced articles.  I think it is probably to do with the relative lengths of the handles of the chimes.  I can feel a bit of experimentation coming on!

The Kildwick Handchimes

There are two complete octaves here, with all the sharps and flats.  When talking about them with the children,
they decided that the traditional black and white colours were "boring"...

This site is for the Kildwick MiniRingers, which is for pupils of Kildwick C of E Primary School.

The object of the club is to introduce youngsters to the ancient and very special art of church bellringing.

One of the very special features of church bell ringing is that it welcomes people of a great range of ages on an exactly equal basis.  From 9 to 90, people are ringing bells together and it is often some of the younger ones who lead the way!
The Club is created for young people - but parents, carers, staff and others will also be made welcome to learn this fascinating and absorbing activity.

You don't need to be strong, or musical, or athletic!  If you can ride a bike, you'll definitely manage!